Are you fed up with that dripping tap? Perhaps your door’s got that annoying squeak that wakes up the whole street every morning? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re simply tired of looking at that DIY project you promised you’d finish last year… but you’re now using it as a trendy new coffee table? Fret not! You’ve landed on the right corner of the internet.

Who Am I?
I’m Nicholas – your friendly neighbourhood handyman! With a trusty toolbox in one hand and a good ol’ cuppa in the other, I’ve been keeping London’s homes in tiptop shape for over 25 years. (That’s right, I’ve been at this since the days when your cassette tapes got chewed up and needed a pencil fix!)

From leaky pipes in Pimlico to wonky shelves in Westminster, here’s a taste of what I can sort out for you:

  • Plumbing Puzzles – No more asking your neighbours to swim over for a cup of tea.
  • Electrical Enigmas – I’ll get your lights twinkling brighter than the London Eye.
  • Painting and Decorating – Because sometimes your walls need a new frock.
  • General Repairs – If it’s broken, I’ll make it unbroken.
  • Carpentry Conundrums – Wood you believe I can fix it? Oh, I wood!

Why Choose Nicholas?

  • Experienced: I’ve seen it all. From avocado bathroom suites to shag pile carpets. You name it; I’ve fixed it or upgraded it.
  • Reliable: Rain or shine, I’m more punctual than the 8:15 train from King’s Cross. And if I’m ever late, your next cuppa’s on me!
  • Honest Rates: No haggling. No faff. I keep things as transparent as the Queen’s Guard’s unwavering stare.
  • Banter Included: They say laughter’s the best medicine. Good thing I come with a heavy dose of British humour, just the way we like it!

“Nicholas? He’s the only one I trust with my leaky taps. Also, he’s got better jokes than my husband!”
– Mrs. Patricia from Brixton

“Thought I could DIY my kitchen. Halfway through, it looked like a Picasso painting. Nicholas sorted it right out. Cheers, mate!”
– Tom from Camden

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can you build a shed while whistling the National Anthem?
A: I haven’t tried, but challenge accepted!

Q: Do you fix tech gadgets?
A: I’m your man for pipes, wires, and tiles. For gadgets, you might want to call my nephew. But I can certainly give it the old college try!

Q: Tea or Coffee?
A: A classic cuppa tea, of course! Milk, two sugars, and don’t forget the biscuit.

Contact Nicholas
Ready for a chinwag and to get things sorted? Give me a ring, drop a line, or send a pigeon. And if you catch me on my tea break, you might just get a biscuit!

And remember, if you want to make your home feel like Buckingham Palace (or at least stop that annoying tap from dripping), give Nicholas a call. Your home deserves the royal treatment! Cheers! 🛠🇬🇧